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By using Game Bazaar, through our company's distributors,
Wherever you are, anyone can get games in a simple way and play games with friends.

No download time
Free communication fee
Electronic payment from 1 yen
Anyone can eSports

This is Game Bazaar.

Three functions of Game Bazaar make your life more fun

No more download time, no more bill shock.

You can get Game Bazaar from Bazaar Distributor for free.
By using Bazaar P2P engine Game Bazaar which was developed uniquely by us, you can download games from distributor’s smartphone at high speed.

Enter the era of paying for games from 1 yen.

Did you give up paying for games?
Have no credit card and games’ prepaid cards are too expensive.
Anyone can pay for games through Bazaar Gold in a remarkably simple way.
Support creators who made interesting games by means of paying for games and get more interesting games.

Rival is your friend, your friend is rival.

Single-player games are not what games are.
Bazaar has collected a large number of games that can be played with friends.
From today, you can play eSports games that are popular worldwide on your smartphone.

Use Bazaar and make your day!