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About Developer Program

How to become developer of Bazaar?

Please contact us using the following form. We will inform you developer account ID and other required information.

How to release my own games?

Firstly, you should get distributor ID and then integrate the SDK that provided by our company for free.
Please check below about the information related to SDK.

Do I need to pay for contents delivery?

Totally free. What’s more, part of the profits from sales at Bazaar Platform will be returned to our company and distributors.
Please kindly refer to developer’s dedicated page for the details.

Which platform can I develop games?

We recommend Android 4.2 and higher. What’s more, our company’s SDK supports Java、Unity、Cocos-2D.

Do you have a plan to support iOS?


Can I deliver contents unconditionally?

No. A review should be conducted.
We have rights to refuse delivery of contents according to the result of review.
Besides, we cannot publish the content of review.