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About Distributor App

How to get Distributor App?

You can download it from the dedicated page for distributor.
The address of the dedicated page for distributor, ID and password will be provided when you join program.

How to transfer Game Bazaar to user?

How to transfer games to user?

How to transfer BazaarGold to user?

How to get Bazaar Gold?

Join Distributor Program

How to become a BazaarDistributor?

If you want to become a direct distributor, please contact Bazaar marketing leader.
If you want to become a assistant distributor, please contact the Bazaar Distributor near you.
Both direct distributor and assistant distributor should attend the “Activation Seminar” which provided for free.

How to become a assistant distributor?

You can register on dedicated website for distributor.
Bazaar ID of assistant distributor will be required to register.

What conditions shoud be met in order to become a Bazaar Distributor?

If you are over 18 and have your own telephone number and a smartphone with Android 4.2 or higher, you can become a distributor.
What’s more, credit card or a bank account is necessary to buying Bazaar Gold.
Besides, we reserve the right to refuse people who carried out activities that violated guideline Bazaar made or made small contribution to users to join distributor program and update.

Hold Events

How to host a event?

Call out the Event registration screen from Distributor App and fill out the required items.

About Bazaar Gold

How to buy Bazaar Gold?

For user: you can buy BazaarGold from distributors.
For distributor: you can buy BazaarGold from Bazaar marketing leader in cash or buy from Bazaar directly.
In the case of buying from Bazaar, there are credit card or bank transfer charges.

How to transfer the BazaarGold?

Can my friends buy my own BazaarGold?

You can sell your BazaarGold directly to other users or distributors without paying any commission.

Can Bazaar buy my own BazaarGold?

When the following conditions are met, Bazaar will promise a refund.
What’s more, please contact us using the form below when you require for refund.
The minimum amount of refund: 10,000BazaarGold
Commission fee: Commission fee will vary by payment method

About Distributor’s Work

What kind of activities should distributors carry out?

Please convey the fun of the games in words.
Please see below for the details of activities simulation for distributors.

Is there anything that we must not do?

Carry out political and religious solicitation activities for Bazaar user
Sell other products that Bazaar do not carry
Sell or promote products by force
The act in violation of the local law and public order and morals
Other actions that are inconsistent with Bazaar and activities of BazaarDistributor

What kind of reward can distributor obtain?

Revenue Sharing: When user pay for games, a certain percentage of the payment of Bazaar Gold would be returned to distributor. Please check the distributor’s dedicated website for the details.
Campaign: We will provide bonus for users acquisition and promotion of particular games’ installation. Please check the distributor’s dedicated website for the details.

How to get rewards?

All rewards would be paid by Bazaar Gold.
The Bazaar Gold you get could be sold to other users or be refunded.
About refund, please see following site for the details.

Any other incentive programs except reward?

We will provide various incentive programs every month or every quarter. Please check the distributor’s dedicated website for the details.

How to quit Bazaar Distributor?

Please write a resignation according to following site.
What’s more, distributor should provide existing user support out of distributor’s duty.

Trouble Shooting

Fail to launch Distributor App.

Fail to login.

Can not receive SMS related to user registration.

Fail to download game.

Can not transfer games to user.

How to report the bug of DistributorApp?

I can’t transfer Bazaar Gold.

The balance of Bazaar Gold are inconsistent.