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About Game Bazaar

How to get Game Bazaar?

You can get Game Bazaar from distributor. Please contact the distributor near you.

Please tell me the operating environment.

Game Bazaar supports Android 4.2 and higher.

Do you have iOS version?


How to become a user?

How to install Game Bazaar?

How to get games from distributor?

How to delete games?

How to check my BazaarGold?

How to quit Bazaar?

Please delete application.アプリケーションを削除してください。
What’s more, in the case of refund of Bazaar Gold, you can carry out refund go through the prescribed procedures or contact distributor.

About Join Events

How to get Bazaar eSports games of Bazaar?

You can get eSports games through Game Bazaar.
Then you just need to click the battle button and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to start a battle?

Please gather two or more people and select corresponding button then you can join Bazaar eSports.
The maximum number of participants depends on games.

What environment required to have a battle?

In order to recieve score and other informations, please connect to the internet.
What’s more, some games may require you to turn on Bluetooth.

What do I get if I win the game?

The battle will start based on the rule set in advance and the winner could get prescribed rewards.

How to join events?

Please check event tab of Game Bazaar.

How about the battle fee if the internet connection is cut during the battle?

The battle fee are not refundable.

About Bazaar Gold

How to buy Bazaar Gold?

For user: you can buy BazaarGold from distributors.
For distributor: you can buy BazaarGold from Bazaar marketing leader in cash or buy from Bazaar directly.
In the case of buying from Bazaar, there are credit card or bank transfer charges.

How to transfer the BazaarGold?

Can my friends buy my own BazaarGold?

You can sell your BazaarGold directly to other users or distributors without paying any commission.

Can Bazaar buy my own BazaarGold?

When the following conditions are met, Bazaar will promise a refund.
What’s more, please contact us using the form below when you require for refund.
The minimum amount of refund: 10,000BazaarGold
Commission fee: Commission fee will vary by payment method

Trouble Shooting

Fail to launch Game Bazaar.

Fail to register to become a user of Game Bazaar.

Can not receive SMS related to user registration.

Who should I consult with about the problems of application or games?

I can’t transfer Bazaar Gold.

The balance of Bazaar Gold are inconsistent.