The CEO Asks Part 5

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Hello everyone. I’m Bazaar’s CEO Ohwada. Finally, we arrived at the final chapter of “having myself interview myself”.


「Well then, please tell me about how things will progress from now on」


Ohwada「First we will start providing service in Bandung where I live. At the same time we provide our service, I’m also thinking of holding a number of events in schools and places within the city. And in early 2017 we’re aiming to expand our market to Jakarta. Basically if you register to our website you will be able to become a Bazaar partner, so from 2017 onwards there’ll be no regional restriction to our business activities. Furthermore, we`d like to continue holding game events periodically in Indonesia’s main cities.」.


「What do you think of business activity after and beyond Indonesia?」


Ohwada「I think, the young population in Indonesia is huge, and their GPD per capita is close to ASEAN’s average value, so they fulfill a lot of requirements needed for us to have a good start. But our company’s goal is to deliver games to those who are having trouble with the infrastructure, that’s why for our future development we’re thinking of starting business in regions that are having problems with infrastructure.」


「In particular?」


Ohwada「This is only a plan, but I’m thinking of dealing with Philippine, Bangladesh, and India at the moment. Then again, local partnership is very important, so things may deviate from the original plan, and there’s also the possibility of starting business in regions that actually aren’t in the plan.」


「Please tell me your final goal.」


Ohwada「It’s so that everyone will be able to get games easily and pay for them, that the money from customers will go to those game creators who have worked hard, and that those people who believe in the quality of those games and promote them will also be given proper rewards. That kind of Bazaar mechanism, is the thing I`d like to offer to all people in the world.」


「That’s a very ambitious goal.」


Ohwada「It is, but I think it’s better to have a big goal, and the responsibility of the person who`s come up with the business model and technology that have never been seen before is to go as far as possible.」


「Lastly, please say a word or two to the readers.」


Ohwada「Because it’s impossible to sum up everything into short sentence… I’ll introduce you to the words from a commercial that had made a big impact on my life instead.


“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


Those who play games, those who make games, and those who sell them should be able to change the world. Me and my company would also like to be able to change the world. Thank you.」