Free data charge, 30 times faster download speed

When downloading games, aren’t you always worrying about the size of the app, internet speed and the internet data quota left for that month?

Talk to one of our Distributors closest to you. They know a lot about games. Various games they have from all over the world can be sent to your smartphone within seconds.


100 percent guaranteed fun games

You should stop believing game rankings and advertisements.

There are a wide variety of games in the world, but there is no guarantee that all those games you downloaded are interesting.

We only provide games that have been played and reviewed thoroughly by our Distributors.

You will play the most interesting, most suitable games that there are for you.


Easy to pay for games

Don’t you feel frustrated by the fact that when you wanted to have more advantage in beating the game, or in playing against another player by buying items, you couldn’t buy the prepaid card because it’s expensive?

You can purchase Bazaar Gold directly from the nearest Distributor around you. Bazaar Gold can be bought by the coins in your pocket.


Step 1

Find a Bazaar Distributor Nearby to Get Game Bazaar

Meet up with a Bazaar Distributor in your campus area. You can get GameBazaar directly from our Bazaar Distributor’s smartphone. Our Distributor will help setting your Android smartphone.

Step 2

User Registration

When you first open GameBazaar, you will have to register as User. It only takes 30 seconds to complete registration procedure. Afterwards you only need to get fun games from the nearest Distributor for free.

Step 3

Buy Bazaar Gold

The games Bazaar provide are basically free-to-play. However, it is necessary to buy Bazaar Gold when you want to buy items in game or play against other Users.

It is very easy to buy Bazaar Gold. You only need to talk to the nearest Distributor and ask them to transfer their Bazaar Gold to you. Bazaar Gold is so cheap you can even buy it with coins in your pocket.


To be able to have more fun in playing games, you should not play them alone. You should play them together.
There is a lot of enjoyment that can only be experienced when you play those games together with your friends.
There are times when you compete, there are times when you work together, there are times when you give compliment to each other.
The kinds of events brought by human relationship can also be experienced through playing games.

Through games, people can lead a more enjoyable life, they can get along better with each other. To the point where we even forget about conflicts in our lives.

That is the kind of world we are striving for.

Let’s play more games together, with us.

Is there no Distributor around you? If that’s the case, it is a great opportunity for you. Would you like to help distributing app as our Distributor and earn some pocket money?

※ At present, Users are limited to university students with Android smartphones whose universities are within Bazaar Entertainment’s operational areas. Send an e-mail to to check whether your university is within our coverage area. We are working hard to ensure that more people will be able to use and benefit from our services. Thank you for your kind understanding.