Make your friends smile and get the rewards

A reward will be given to you by sharing games with your friends and having them playing those games. After Users made payment for the games they got from you, Bazaar will share with you a fixed amount of reward.

As a Distributor, share the games you like and earn some pocket money by playing them together with your friends!
Moreover, there are other various incentives waiting for you, such as when you managed to get new Users, successfully held a game competition, or for promoting games.


Become closer with your friends and make new ones!

People become closer to each other as they spend more time together.
As a Distributor, get much closer with friends and acquaintances by playing lots of fun games together!
Our company is aiming for our Distributors to be able to lead a more fulfilling and fun life through their job as Distributors.


Learn the necessary social skills vital for working life as an adult

Many projects or jobs require you to be able to communicate and work effectively within a group.
As a Bazaar Distributor, constant communication with Users is the most important thing.
In Bazaar, we provide know-hows so that our Distributors can be successful in their jobs. Let’s acquire various useful skills through your job as a Distributor!


Step 1

Fill out the online free pre-registration form

We will check the submitted form to see whether you are qualified for the role and whether your university is within Bazaar’s operational areas.

Step 2

Meet the marketing leader in your college and complete the registration procedure

Congratulations! If the conditions stated in step one are met, our marketing leader will contact you. They will help you install exclusive App for Distributor and complete other necessary procedures for registration.

Step 3

Participate in free seminar and get started

As a Distributor, you will be able to join free seminar that is either held online or held offline by your local marketing leader.

In the seminar, you will be able to learn various legal knowledge related to entrepreneurship such as marketing and sales. After participating in the seminar, you will be recognized as an official Bazaar Distributor and can begin your activity as one.

We will also provide other necessary support so that you can do your job smoothly.


A Bazaar Distributor’s job is easy and fun.

Log in to website for Bazaar Distributor. Please download games that you find interesting, or games that you think your friends will like.

The next step is to buy or stock up Bazaar Gold, either from Bazaar website, marketing leader, or other Distributors so that you can provide the Gold to Users who want to buy them. It is okay to just purchase an amount Bazaar Gold you can afford.

The last one is the most important thing.

Share those games with friends in campus and have fun by playing them together!
If they want to buy Bazaar Gold, sell them the Bazaar Gold you have with you.
By having Users spent their Bazaar Gold for games, you will be able to get rewards.

Making someone happy is the secret of making yourself happy.

Free Distributor Registration Form

※ At present, Distributors are limited to university students with Android smartphones whose universities are within Bazaar Entertainment’s operational areas. For those outside our operational areas, we will contact you when we begin our activities in your area. Thank you for your kind understanding.