Much Faster, Cheaper

Through our latest P2P technology, we provide 30 times faster download speed than mobile internet, and you can get the games for free! no more getting frustrated with downloads!

More Convenient

Bazaar Gold can be purchased directly from Distributors or friends with the cash in your pocket. You can buy items in game more easily.

More Fun

The time spent together with friends and family is very important. Play the games you got together and become closer with them!


“No matter where in the world you live, you have the right to play fun games” is what Bazaar is thinking.

Focusing on developing countries with underdeveloped infrastructure, our company is developing and providing information infrastructure through which we distribute contents using the latest p2p technology, from person to person, without the need of using high speed mobile internet.

People who make games, people who play games, and people who deliver games. Our company is aiming to help so that each of them can become happy. And by focusing on digital contents, we are also aiming to create a unique ecosystem for the developing countries.

Make the world happy through games.

Entertainment, Anywhere.


How can we transfer large size contents really fast, but for free, and still able to help the creators profit from their games in developing countries with bad infrastructure?

Take a look at the mechanism and ecosystem of our platform.


Enjoy more games

Make profit with Bazaar

Distribute games


Different from other platforms that connect only Users and game makers, Bazaar Entertainment is supported by every single one of our Distributors’ activities.

A Distributor has three jobs. First is to get games that look interesting through an exclusive app for Distributor, and then share those games with friends.

The second job is to sell Bazaar Gold to friends who want to make in-game purchases.

The last and the most important job is to play those games together with your friends. we will give Distributors rewards in correspondence with their contributions to Bazaar through their works.

By the action of each of us, we can solve the infrastructure problem.Together, let’s realize a society where anyone can play games more enjoyable.And then, while playing games with friends, let’s become happier and wealthier together.

Bazaar Entertainment

Kent Ohwada

Bazaar Entertainment CEO and Founder Kent Ohwada

I’m glad the games are basically free, so there’s no risk in getting them in the first place. It also doesn’t feel like forcing a sale on someone, so my friends are also happy.

Satriya Distributor Indonesia

Why did I become a Distributor? Well half of it is because I’m in it for the money, but the other half is simply because it’s fun. I can let everyone knows about more interesting games out there, and also play them together.

Benny Distributor Indonesia

My goal and dream is to be independent and someday start my own business. By becoming a Bazaar Distributor, I was able to learn various things about business.

Rika Distributor Indonesia

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