Meet Our Team

Kent Ohwada – CEO

When he was still enrolled in Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, Kent was involved in the development of Playstation 2 games at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Now known as Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.).
Kent joined Playstation’s business team in China right after graduation. For about 10 years he contributed to establishing business in Asian countries for Playstation.

He visited more than 100 Asian cities and 1000 game shops, through which he was able to listen to both dealers and customers voices directly. From the raw data gathered from the field, he made plans and executed them as part of their bottom-up marketing strategy.

Furthermore, Kent contributed to the development of Chinese digital content industry through communication with both Chinese and Taiwanese governments, and took part in establishing the foundation of today’s Chinese game console market. This was possible because he successfully acquired permission to sell game consoles within China, an activity that what was previously banned by its government.

After retiring from Sony in 2012, Kent spent some time wandering around Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines as part of his independent game market research.

Shin Izawa | CTO

For more than 20 years, Shin committed himself to developing large-scale data system.

He helped created large-scale service for consumers for DeNA Co., Ltd., Pia Corporation, etc. and was also involved in the creation of next generation point system such as Rakuten Point for Rakuten Inc..

As the CTO of NOBOT Inc., Shin was involved in making Ad Network designed for smartphones in Japan, as well as contributing to its buyout to KDDI.

Hiromichi Takahashi | Board Member

Previously worked for 4 Japanese companies, which included Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (Now known as Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.) and Tecmo Co., Ltd. (now known as Koei Tecmo holdings Co., Ltd.), and 2 Korean companies, Hiromichi flourishes as a director and producer.

During his time at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., the game he was in charge of, “Dokodemo Issho”, won then Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Minister’s Award in 1999 (Grand Prix), 4th Japan Game Awards and many other awards. Its total sales went over 2 million copies and later on it becomes a long-running hit series with sequels keep being produced even after 10 years.

After leaving Sony, working for Japanese and Korean online game corporations has provided him with wealth of knowledge and deep understanding on online game’s development and management

Shinichi Okamoto | Board member

At Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Shinichi has held successive positions as the Research & Development Division headquarters’ General Manager, Company Executive and later as both Managing Director and CTO at the same time. He was also the General Manager who oversaw HDD and broadband project for Playstation 2.

After retiring from Sony, Shinichi involved himself with Japan, US and Asia’s technology-based start-up companies’ management by becoming technology management strategies Consultant, Adviser and Board Member.