Earn pocket money in spare time. Earn pocket money from favourite.

Bazaar can do both requirements well.
You just need to get games in your spare time and distribute them to friends.
When your friends pay for games, you can get rewards automatically.

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Rewards Program

Your efforts are linked to rewards directly.
As a Bazaar Distributor, distribute free games to friends around you and you can get reward when they pay for the game which you distributed to them.
Not only revenue-sharing, but also you can get reward from various related promotional campaign.

Dedicated App for Distributor

Dedicated App supports your business
Distributor App which is developed for Bazaar Distributor can become the support for distributors’ activities.
Besides carrying out P2P application’s delivery and Bazaar Gold’s transfer, you also can check users’ payments and use of application that you distributed clearly through this application.

Event Bazaar

Your work is to play games with others.
Through holding games convention, you not only can develop a deeper relationship with other users, but also get a chance to earning rewards.
Bazaar Distributor can plan events, notice users and hold events by using Event Bazaar.


Help you get more rewards.
On the web portals that designed for all Bazaar Distributors, you can check your performance and the performance of users who you distributed games to.
What’s more, you also can check the data of the games you distributed, the hot games among all Bazaar users and so on on dashboard.

Support Program

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first job.
Our goal is that Bazaar Distributor can work independently and become financially free. In order to offer Distributors a comfortable working environment, Bazaar provides various online·offline supports.

Various Incentive Programs

Distribute games and then go to Japan!
Based on the result of Bazaar Distributor’s activities, Bazaar will provide various incentive programs.
From lunch invitaion to Japan travel.
Do you want to become a Bazaar Distributor and exprience the unknown.

Become Bazaar Distributor, Enjoy your life!

3 Steps to Become Bazaar Distributor

Check Requirements

Fill in Entry Form

Join Free Explanation Session

Start from Free Explanation Session

What should Bazaar Distributor do? How to become Bazaar Distributor?
Bazaar holds various types of explanation sessions before you join Distributor Program.
If you are interested in it, please attend online·offline explanation sessions holded by Bazaar.