4 billion people are waiting for your games.

Deliver your games to the market of 4 billion people that Google Play and AppStore both failed to do that.

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Fair Rewards Model

A free and open Bazaar Platform is offered for all developers.
The expense incurred through Bazaar Platform will be divided among developers, Bazaar Distributor and our company.
Do you want to open a market of 4 billion people which Google Play and AppStore both failed to do that?

Free Bazaar SDK

Realize monetization in developing countries
We provide developers the Bazaar SDK which is necessary for paid game’s development for free.
What’s more, various necessary sample code or develop document can be got on developer page.

eSports SDK

Realize eSports that is popular around the world in developing counries.
It’s well-known that communication environment in developing counries is slow and unstable. However, face-to-face eSports can be achieved by using Bazaar’s mini eSports SDK.
Through using Bazaar mini eSports SDK, developers can carry out promotion by word of mouth and obtain new revenues.


Strongly support developers’s monetization.
All developers can access developer portal site to check various KPI of games offered, ranking on the platform and other informations that help developers to expand income.

Free to spread games to 4 billion people.

Do you want to deliver games through Bazaar?
Please feel free to contact us or come to attend our free online seminar.

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