Three New Game Titles That Will Be Released Soon

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Hi all Bazaar Users out there, there is great news that will make your days playing games with friends even more fun! Bazaar Entertainment will be adding 3 new titles to the current lineup available at Bazaar Platform in the upcoming weeks. Just like the other games, free single player mode is available, so you can try out the games first before deciding to play against your friends. 1BG is required every time you play competition mode with your friends.

So without further ado lets take a look at those games!

1. Home Run Cantik

Genre: casual

This is game that can refresh your mind. Compete with your friends to see who can get the best home run by hitting the annoying cat as far as possible! Find the perfect timing to hit the cat as far as you can by bouncing it on a trampoline, or make it hit bomb so that it files forward at a very fast speed. But be very careful, you must make sure the cat does not hit the turd at any cost, otherwise that special poo will stop the cat dead in its track and the game will be over!

2. Rakun Gawat Darurat

Genre: casual, puzzle

In this casual and puzzle game full of colors, you must help raccoon mom save her babies that are trapped in color bubbles. Pop the bubble by shooting the bubbles with bubbles of the same colors. Use your wit to pop all the color bubbles strategically, save all the babies in time, and get high score! Rakun Gawat Darurat has 100 levels that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

3. Topan Pedang

Genre: casual, action

You are the hero of the crystal country, and it is your sacred duty to defend the crystal of life at all cost from endless enemy’s invasion. There is only one way to stop the enemy, and that is by spinning your sword to form a typhoon surrounding the crystal to blast all the incoming enemies without any mercy! Compete with your friends, and prove who is the best knight of all by protecting and defeating the enemies for as long as possible.

All these three games will be released around early March this year, so spread the word around and wait in anticipation together with your friends!