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Bazaar delivers interesting contents from all over the world.

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Single-player games are not what games are.
From today, you can play eSports games that are popular worldwide on your smartphone.

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Using our company’s P2P delivery platform ”Game Bazaar”, you can download games at the highest speed.
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Using our company’s P2P delivery platform ”Game Bazaar”, you can pay for games from 1 yen in cash. What’s more, no commission fee.

Learn interesting games through friends

Please find games through Bazaar Distributor.
Bazaar Distributor not only recommends you the interesting games that suit you, but also gives you chances to play with others like holding games convention.

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  • Ariawan

    Being thanked was an instant where I could think that it was good that I became a Bazaar Distributor. Help friends and play games together. I'm so happy that I can earn money through this way.

  • Rizuki

    I had ever thought about paying for games' items but finally gave up. However, Bazaar Gold could be payed from 10 yen and it makes games more attractive.

  • Frank

    Games that I downloaded from Game Bazaar are almost the games can be played with friends and I usually play those games after school.

  • Linda

    Download application through Game Bazaar is so fast and do not need communication fee. I am much surprised at that.

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