Playing fun games becomes much easier


We provide 30 times faster download speed free of charge
Have you ever felt irritated over slow internet speed?
Have you ever given up on downloading files due to concern over expensive internet bill?Through the latest P2P technology used in Bazaar Entertainment’s platform, it takes less than one minute to download any game regardless of its size, and it’s free.


We deliver tons of fun games from around the world to you
Through its global platform and expanding network, Bazaar Entertainment delivers to you various interesting games.
Furthermore, time has changed. Now you can play games that were previously only available on consoles on your smartphone!


Play free games
Bazaar Entertainment’s games are basically free-to-play. Do you want to buy items from in-game store?
No worries, it’s okay even if you don’t have a credit card or can’t go to convenience store. Our Bazaar Partners will be there to sell their points to you. Bazaar Point starts from Rp. 1,000.
You can now buy game items with the coins in your pocket.

Get games from Bazaar Entertainment

[Our job is to make our troubled customers smile]


Thanks to each of our Partner, a wonderful new experience has come out of Bazaar Entertainment’s business model.
A Partner is someone who shares games they think of as interesting to their friend; from one’s own smartphone to their friend’s. That’s all it takes to become a Partner. This way we’re able to lend a helping hand to customers who are troubled over internet connections.
In addition, when your friend wants to purchase game items, a Partner can also help settling the bill by selling their points to the friend in need.
The business model Bazaar Entertainment practices also allows rewards to be given to Bazaar Partners, who contribute to our success by utilizing their smartphones and help Bazaar Entertainment at their convenience.

Become a Partner